pounds of food rescued since 2018
That’s roughly equivalent to 330 full size tractor trailers worth of food, or 571 school busses, or 180 humpback whales, or 1515 orca whales... take your pick!
total retail value of food rescued
This is all value that we’re proud to get back in the hands of the communities we serve, instead of letting it go to waste in a landfill.
pounds of co2 diverted
Food waste accounts for about 8% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest contributor to global warming.
Annual Report
Annual Reports
Take a look at our annual reports over the last couple years. A lot of hard work went into making this impact possible, and we're proud to show you everything that went into it.
$1 = 20 pounds of food rescued.
Your donation goes a long way at Sharing Excess. $1 = 20 pounds of food delivered = 16 meals served = $57.20 in retail value = 73.2 pounds of greenhouse gasses reduced.
Food distribution at Drexel University